Wednesday, 29 June 2016

PP Press: 6 New Books to Be Released

immediately after the translation project was finished on 27 june, the author/representative of Create Abundance 《创造丰盛〉requested me to consider publishing the book in the other six bilingual editions:
chinese-german edition;
chinese-hindi edition;
chinese-arabic edition;
chinese-italian edition;
chinese-portugese edition; and
chinese-russian edition.

since i have already published the chinese-english, and chinese-french edition of the book, i am certainly ready to publish the same book in other bilingual editions.

these days, i have actually been trying hard to find a good printer first. as all the copies (10,000 copies for each edition of the six languages) are to be printed and transported to local destinations in shenzhen this time, i have to work with c&c offset printing, one of the best printing companies in china, to find a solution to the problem: according to the chinese government policy, books published by foreign publishers (like our Poetry Pacific Press) have to be transported abroad right after they are printed in china. if we cannot work it out, i will have to use the other much smaller company to do the job, which i worked with to publish another book by the same author last year. it can be much more daring, but it has a lower professional standard, and an even lower 'business practice/personality.'

to my great relief, i have just had the book translated into the six languages by a group of translators who were not only highly interested and qualified but also available for the job. in fact, they are from a national team, china's top 1 or most prestigious translation company (based in beijing).

the specific time for the release of each bilingual edition is not available yet, but it will definitely be out later this year or early in 2017, respectively.

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