Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Immigrant's Autumn Just 'Retired'

'Retire' News

mainly for technical reasons, our planned new poetry collection by Nancy Anne Miller has just been 'retired' from our (lulu) project list.

as a result, the author has officially been released from the publishing agreement between her and PP. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Immigrant's Autumn to Be Released

Dear PP Friends,

This is to announce that our third solo poetry collection titled Immigrant's Autumn by Nancy Anne Miller is to be released tomorrow on 5 August 2014, the same date on which our upcoming issue of Poetry Pacific (3.2) is slated to appear at poetrypacific.blogspot.ca.

While we cannot wait to publish both the summer issue of our Magazine and Nancy Anne Miller's poetry collection, we look forward to receiving/reading/featuring your feedback as well as your poetry submission, either for our Magazine or as a manuscript! (for guidelines, please see our revised open call for subs.)

Happy reading!

with all best for a pleasant august,

--PP editorial team

PP's Open Call for Ms Submissions




By submitting to Poetry Pacific Press (PP Press), the submitter warrants that s/he alone has created the work s/he is submitting and that s/he owns all rights to it. The submitter will indemnify and hold PP Press and its staff harmless from and against any and all loss, damage, costs and other expenses arising out of claims, whatever their nature, resulting directly or indirectly from breach of this warranty. At the same time, the submitter/contributor agrees that PP Press can use part or all of his/her accepted material, including responses to PP's interview questions, on its Facebook and/or other similar social networking vehicles for promotional purposes.


* We read poetry manuscripts year round on a rolling basis;

* We charge no reading fee;

* Simultaneous submissions are welcome insofar as you give us notification when your manuscript is accepted elsewhere;

* For full-length collections, we normally print 80 - 120 pages of poetry; for short collections, 50 - 79 pages of poetry; for chapbooks, 30 - 49 pages of poetry;

*  Once accepted, it is the author's responsibility to solicit blurbs, proofread/copy-edit the manuscript, and make it print-ready, with the coverart, the 'Table of Contents,' the 'Acknowledgment,' and/or the 'Introduction,' if any, although we may try to help in the process;

* Our response-time is 3 - 6 months: since we never give anyone any 'rejection notice,' please feel free to do whatever you want to do with your submission if you do not get any response/acceptance from PP Press within 6 months after you send it over to us. In other words: only those accepted will get a reply;

* By publishing your work, we buy certain rights;

* Royalty and/or support plan will be discussed and agreed upon on an individual basis;

* Neither inquiry nor proposal is necessary - please send your manuscript together with your literary cv (or professional bionote) to this email address:: editors.pp@gmail.com

* Many thanks for your interest in and support of PP Press & Gooooodluuuuck!