Wednesday, 2 November 2016

6 Sino-Foreign Editions of CREATE ABUNDANCE Camera-Ready

for the last three months, we have been fully occupied with our pre-print work; actually we have gone through as many as 4 rounds of proofreading/editing/correcting by 6 translators, 2 editors, and e.layout workers). now the 6 Chinese-Foreign editions -- chinese-german, chinese-russian, chinese-portuguese, chinese-italian, chinese-arabic, and chinese-hindi -- of Create Abundance are finally camera-ready for printing.

in the mean time, we had to switch our contracted printer to another smaller one, simply to accommodate the chinese government policy regarding the printing of foreign material.

if everything goes smoothly, our Poetry Pacific Press will release the 6 editions around the upcoming Xmas time.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

PP Press: 6 New Books to Be Released

immediately after the translation project was finished on 27 june, the author/representative of Create Abundance 《创造丰盛〉requested me to consider publishing the book in the other six bilingual editions:
chinese-german edition;
chinese-hindi edition;
chinese-arabic edition;
chinese-italian edition;
chinese-portugese edition; and
chinese-russian edition.

since i have already published the chinese-english, and chinese-french edition of the book, i am certainly ready to publish the same book in other bilingual editions.

these days, i have actually been trying hard to find a good printer first. as all the copies (10,000 copies for each edition of the six languages) are to be printed and transported to local destinations in shenzhen this time, i have to work with c&c offset printing, one of the best printing companies in china, to find a solution to the problem: according to the chinese government policy, books published by foreign publishers (like our Poetry Pacific Press) have to be transported abroad right after they are printed in china. if we cannot work it out, i will have to use the other much smaller company to do the job, which i worked with to publish another book by the same author last year. it can be much more daring, but it has a lower professional standard, and an even lower 'business practice/personality.'

to my great relief, i have just had the book translated into the six languages by a group of translators who were not only highly interested and qualified but also available for the job. in fact, they are from a national team, china's top 1 or most prestigious translation company (based in beijing).

the specific time for the release of each bilingual edition is not available yet, but it will definitely be out later this year or early in 2017, respectively.

Friday, 11 March 2016

PP Press: Chinese-French Editon Just Released

Poetry Pacific Press has just released the first chinese-french edition ...

title: Créer l'abondance 《丰盛的智慧》 
author: Zhang Xinyue 张馨月
publisher: Poetry Pacific Press 
IBSN 978-0-9919298-7-0 
distributor: international institute for creating abundance, vancouver, canada
anyone interested in placing a purchase order please call David @778-929-8808

Créer l'abondance
( 財富篇 )
De la richesse
Zhang Xinyue

Traduit par Gérard Lambert et Lucie Modde /

Poetry Pacific Press


        者:Gérard Lambert et Lucie Modde
責編/校對:廖蘅湘 袁來
        址:1550 w 68th Avenue, Vancouver, BC  CANADA  V6P 2V5
        本:710mmx1000mm  1/16
國際書號:ISBN 978-0-9919298-7-0

Basé sur les enregistrements des conférences de Zhang Xinyue, cet ouvrage a été élaboré par ses étudiants ; sa version d'origine chinoise a été publiée en 2012 par Huaxia Press.

Créer l'abondance (De la richesse), version originale chinoise Version Copyright © 2012 par Zhang Xinyue, traduit en anglais Copyright © 2016 par la Poetry Pacific Press. Tous droits réservés. Imprimé et relié en République populaire de Chine par C & C Offset Printing CO., LTD. Aucune partie de ce livre ne peut être utilisée ou reproduite de quelque manière que ce soit sans autorisation écrite, à l’exception de brèves citations incluses dans des critiques, des articles et des commentaires. Pour de plus amples informations : Poetry Pacific Press, 1550 W 68th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6P 2V5; Email:

Première édition bilingue (chinois-français)
Publiée par Poetry Pacific Press en 2016
Traducteurs : Gérard Lambert et Lucie Modde
Éditeur : Yuan Changming
Chef de projet : Allen Qing Yuan
            ISBN 978-0-9919298-7-0


Cet ouvrage est dédié à tous ceux
qui aspirent à une existence abondante !



目 錄

第一章 豐盛的力量  
第二章 『決定好』是豐盛的開端  
第三章 願意相信  
第四章 修行  
第五章 當下決定 
第六章 欲望  
第七章 金錢  
第八章 問題即答案  
第九章 冥想練習  
第十章 脈輪的影響  
第十一章 相信奇跡  
第十二章 和宇宙溝通  
第十三章 抗拒  
第十四章 彰顯  

Table des matières

Chapitre 1  La force de l’abondance
Chapitre 2  « Décider », premier pas vers l’abondance
Chapitre 3  Accepter de croire
Chapitre 4  Pratique spirituelle
Chapitre 5  Décider maintenant
Chapitre 6  Les désirs
Chapitre 7  L’argent
Chapitre 8  Le problème est la solution
Chapitre 9  Exercices de meditation
Chapitre 10  L’influence des Chakras
Chapitre 11  Croire aux miracles
Chapitre 12  Communiquer avec l’univers
Chapitre 13  La résistance
Chapitre 14  Manifester

Sur les traducteurs

Gérard Lambert畢業於普羅旺斯大學中文係,此後前往巴黎攻讀翻譯。目前定居巴黎,進行翻譯與教學工作。
Gérard Lambert étudie le chinois à Aix-en-Provence puis poursuit ses études à Paris. Il est désormais établi en région parisienne, où il partage son temps entre la traduction et l’enseignement.

Lucie Modde 出生於法國南特。裡昂高等師範學院漢學碩士,巴黎高等翻譯學院筆譯碩士,期間多次前往中國留學。目前在裡昂當自由譯者。
Née à Nantes, Lucie Modde fait d'abord des études de chinois à Lyon avant de se former à la traduction à Paris. Au terme de plusieurs séjours en Chine, elle décide en 2015 de s'installer à Lyon en tant que traductrice indépendante.

Monday, 4 January 2016

PP Press: Chinese-French Edition to Be Released

PP Press is to release a new book in march or april, the first chinese-french edition ...

title: WISDOM for ABUNDANCE 《丰盛的智慧》 
author: Zhang Xinyue 张馨月
french translator: to be identified soon
publisher: Poetry Pacific Press (IBSN 978-0-9919298-7-0)

PP Press will publish this book bilingually, both in french and chinese, so that whoever interested in learning chinese or french can hopefully use it as a 'text' book.

PP Press is now working with one of the best and largest printers in china. we plan to print 20,000 hardbound copies to begin with.

the original chinese version of this book was published by huaxia press (beijing) in 2012 and has gone into the 4th edition ever since. popular as it is among chinse readers, this book is one of the 6 authored thus far by Ms Zhang Xinyue, a highly inspiring and influential spiritual leader who, with a master's degree in world economics, has hundreds of thousands of students or close followers in mainland china, korea, taiwan and japan.

this book is about how to achieve/live an 'abundant' life through spiritual cultivation. as i understand it, such an 'abundant' life is characterized by physical and psychological health as well as materialistic success.