Friday, 27 December 2013

Flawless with Flaw Just Released

English-Chinese Poetry Collection Flawless with Flaw by Yang Lin has just been released by PP Press


由我社Poetry Pacific Press隆重出版


A Brief Introduction to Flawless with Flaw

Yang Lin’s poems in this collection convey emancipation and the eternal spirit of freedom. Setting the tone, the first presented, Not, addresses an entity that “Like a night that comes and goes, /You bloom rocks.” These poems inspire on a profound level, uplifting the heart and delighting with frequent, insightful surprises, such as “Your shadow conceals lightening / My eyes are full of thorny flowers blooming” (from Raindrops) and “The mountains are the draperies that draw open one by one / The world hiding in the bamboo groves and hills” (from The Village of Dong Folks).

Yang Lin is an accomplished poet, unbound by self-conscious constraints, at the same time discerning, sophisticated, educated. I have been enchanted by his range and brilliance.

        -- Joneve McCormick, Editor of World’s Strand & Editor/Publisher of Poetry International (USA)

       杨林这本诗集中的诗,传递了一种解放与自由的永恒精神。第一首诗《非》给“像一个去了又来的夜/盛开石头”的存在言说,从而确定了整部诗集的基调。这些诗 不仅从深层次上激发灵感,升华灵魂,而且还频频运用一个个颇具洞察力的惊奇而愉悦读者,比如:“你的影子藏着闪电”/“我的眼睛盛开带刺的花朵”(《雨 滴》)以及“群山是帷幔,一层层拉开来”/“世界藏于峻岭竹林之间”(《侗寨》)。


        -- 约尼夫·麦考密克,《世界之滨》编辑,《诗歌国际》编辑、发行人(美国)

Taking the spirit of classical forms and themes, Yang Lin transports us to a place where our modern spirits behold the beauty of universal themes. The poetic space creates a haunting emptiness. Even in this space he gives us a light to the path. These honest lines comfort and challenge. Take this journey with him. You’ll be glad you did.

        -- Doug Johnson, PhD, Editor/Publisher of Cave Moon Press (USA)


         -- 道格·约翰逊,博士,洞月出版社发行人、编辑(美国)

Inspired and inspiring, Yang Lin’s The Flawless with Flaw offers rich imagery and deep insight, which are readily perceivable to the reader even well beyond the language barrier. A highly worthy read.

        -- Changming Yuan, PhD, Author of Chansons of a Chinaman,& Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of Poetry Pacific (Canada)


        -- 袁昌明,博士,《华人之歌》作者, 《太平洋诗刊》主编、发行人(加拿大)

        Yang Lin is an exceptional poet who “deny those unreal cloud and mist, and keep dreams deeply concealed” (From Not). His poems steadily seek linguistic symmetry and balance between reality and fantasy, as well as dark and dawn. The lightning of soul lights up “the strange faces”, and the whole world in the meantime.

        -- Diablo, Litt.D., President of the International Poetry Translation and Research Centre & Executive editor of multilingual of the World Poets Quarterly (China)


         -- 野鬼,文学博士,国际诗歌翻译研究中心主席, 混语版《世界诗人》季刊执行总编(中国)