Sunday, 1 August 2021


Last Letters to My First Love is Yuan Changming's fifth book published this year as well as his last Chinese work ever written. In this non-fiction or autobiographical book, Yuan employes montage and what he calls  'diary-letter' as his basic narrative framework to recall and re-enact his rich life experiences starting as a Chinese village boy, who worked in a 'labor camp' after high school during the 'Cultural Revolution' and served as a college administrator before coming to Canada for his doctorate and becoming a prolific English author of poetry. For anyone interested in the lives of contemporary Chinese intellectuals and immigrants, Last Letters to My First Love offers a highly relevant and representative read, which can be seen or even 'examined' as slices of a whole sociohistorical age. 

This is the link to the electronic version of Last Letters to My First Love:


Those who have poetry, fiction or non-fictional books to publish, please feel more than welcome to contact PP Press at

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Yuan Changming's LIMERENCE Just Released Today

LIMERENCE is Yuan Changming's tenth and newest poetry book. In this short collection, which includes 47 love poems written mostly over the past year or so, the author not only explores but articulates his innermost feeling about a Platonic relationship, a subject which chinese poetry authors have tended to avoid since ancient times. 

Limerence, Platonic love, soulmating or whatever else you call it, has always been a common psychological state, but few, and even fewer Chinese, poetry authors have given it a 'full' expression; that's probably why half of the poems included in this chapbook were soon accepted for publication by such as New World Writing, American Media, Private Photo Review, Botsotso, Mediterrean Poetry and the Temz Riview

Table of Contents

7    The Thought of You
8.   Stream & Lake
9.    In the Grove

10.  Valentine Gift
11.  Action and Reaction
12.  Chronometry
13.  Oxymoron: Love Is A
14.  Love Lines
15.  Kharma: A Mega Romance
16.  You and Me
17.  The Tuner

18.  First Meeting after 42 Years Separation
19.  At a Dinner Party, Songzi, 2019
20.  Before, Before
21.  Behemoth
22.  The Unspeakable Spoken Out
23.  Confession Delayed by Half a Century
24.  Holistic Relationship
25.  Cardioid Reviewed
26.  Re: Posting
27.  You Are Sure
28.  ‘I Want to See You’
29.  Emoji
30.  Mamihlapinatapai
31.  Yearning for You, I Reach out
32.  Soulmating
33.  The Lovebird
34.  All Day Long
35.  Qi Hong Tea
36.  Vigiling
37.  Unrequited Love
38.  Man’s Last Position in the Battlefield
39.  Ways of Rejuvenating
40.  Cohabitating
41.  Quasi-Omnipotent Lover
42.  What Softens
43.  You Have Never Had Enough of Love
44.  Futuristic
45.  Wooing
46.  Missing Moment
47.  Craving
48.  Star & Butterfly
49.  Love Dose: A Sensual Sonnet
50.  Foreshadowing
51.  How I Wanna
52.  Screenshotting by a Weixin/Wechat Monitor: An Apolitical Poem
53.  Each Time

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

PP's 1st All-Chinese Poetry Collection Just Released

 PP's 1st full-length all-Chinese poetry collection袁昌明詩選( Selected Poems of Yuan Changming) has been formally release today and become readily availabe as an ebook or kindle edition:

published by vancouver-based Poetry Pacific Press, 袁昌明詩選》( Selected Poems of Yuan Changming), which consists of 120 poems, is the author's first full-lenght poetry collection in chinese. covering a wide range of subject matters and a whole spectrum of forms and styles, including such as haiku, free sonnet, siamese stanzas,bilinguacultural poem and one-act poem, this book samples Yuan's 'best' poems written between 2005 and 2020.  while most of the pieces were orginally written and published in english, some of them have appeared in 'best' poetry anthologies, and others have won or been nominated for various poetry prizes. translated into chinese by the author himself, this collection offers an important and intriguing window to see the differences between contemporary english and chinese poeticses.  

Thursday, 22 April 2021

My Chinese Concerns (《憂華集》) Released Today

Published by Poetry Pacific Press, my first non-fiction Chinese book My Chinese Concerns (《憂華集》) has just been released today as an via Kindle here at:

Consisting of 378 'flash' blogessays, this collection is mainly about the 'chineseness'. From a sociahistorical point of view, each flash essay discusses a specific aspect about being a Chinese or Chinese culture. Anyone hoping to gain a deep insight into, or an inside look at 'Chinese Personality' would find it a highly interesting read!

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

PP Back to Release First Chinese Book

 So, we are back after more than four years on hiatus, and even before the pandemic is gone...

Today we have our very first all-chinese book (kindle edition) officially released on amazon here:

basic information:

book title: Ordinary Life, Ordinary Story 《平凡人生,平凡故事〉
author/narrator: LIU, Yu 刘瑜
character count: 48,000 chinese characters
number of pages: 81 with about a donzen photos
brief description: in a vivid chinese vernacular, with accurate narrative details, Liu recalls how she grew up as an adopted girl to an extremely impoverished family in an isolated village in Hubuei Province, left her parents without their knowing beforehand for a government job at age 15, and became a 'model' mid-level communist official before retirement. To celebrate her 80th birthday, Liu gives this book or memoire to herself as her best birthday gift.  

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Poetry Pacific Press on Hiatus



Friday, 5 May 2017

6 Sino-Foreign Editions of CREATE ABUNDANCE Released

dear All,

This is to announce that the six bilingual editions of Create Abundance 《创造丰盛》, authored by Zhang Xinyue, have finally been released and become available today!

these are the six editions  ::
1/ chinese-russian;
2/ chinese-german;
3/ chinese-italian;
4/ chinese-portuguese;
5/ chinese-hindi; and
6  chinese-arabian
all translators are from China Translation Corporation (中国对外翻译公司),each edition carefully proofread by native speakers

For more information on Create Abundance as an institution,
please visit its English website at

To place a purchase order, please call David at 778/ 929 - 8808 (English/Mandarin); 604/ 349 - 9190 (English or Chinese); or 604/ 779 - 3097 (Chinese)

Here are the covers and first few pages of the book::


Create Abundance
(財富篇To Riches)


張馨月/ By Zhang Xinyue

      Poetry Pacific Press, Vancouver, Canada


for all those longing to live a life of abundance


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Power of Abundance

Chapter 2 ‘Making Decisions’ Ushers in Abundance

Chapter 3 Willing to Believe

Chapter 4 Spiritual Practice

Chapter 5 Decision of the Moment

Chapter 6 Desires

Chapter 7 Money

Chapter 8 Problems Are the Solutions Per Se

Chapter 9 Meditation Exercises

Chapter 10The Influence of the Chakras

Chapter 11 Believing in Miracles

Chapter 12 Communicating with the Cosmos

Chapter 13 Resistance

Chapter 14 Manifesting

Concluding Remarks


Interviews with Mentors